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"Any time you see two engineers talking you can bet they are discussing a common problem or some topic that effects the industry."
We are SBE Chapter 74 of the Midlands proudly serving Omaha, Lincoln, Council Bluffs and surrounding areas in eastern Nebraska and western Iowa.  

All are welcome to attend any SBE Chapter 74 Meetings.

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About Us

2020 Nebraska SBE Engineering Sessions

August 19-20th, 2020

Presented virtually via Zoom this year by SBE Chapter 74 and the Nebraska Broadcasters Association.

Sponsored by BSW and Broadcasters General Store.

Please register for the conference by visiting the following link and filling out the form:

Registration is free. All registrants who attend sessions are eligible to win door prizes.
Wednesday, August 19th:

8:30-9:30am CDT – Jeff Welton: SNMP and Remote Control

SNMP (Simple Network Mapping Protocol) can appear anything but simple - when faced with MIBs, GETs, SETs and TRAPs, it can almost seem daunting. However, it is one of the easiest ways to identify any command from the manufacturer, through the equipment type, to the section of the system, to the specific command. In this presentation, we'll explore the OID (Object Identifier) structure, discuss the different SNMP versions and talk about how best to use this powerful tool to provide more powerful metering and monitoring.


10:00-11:00am CDT– Kirk Harnack/Shaun Dolan: Leveraging SIP/VoIP for Opex Savings and Better On-Air Workflows

SIP/VoIP technologies are almost ubiquitous and have become less mysterious. Yet many broadcasters are still using 100 year old technology for their on-air audio and production intercom and contribution. Along with fast Internet and managed delivery, they not only enable flexible workflows, they enable alternatives to single-studio or expensive remote solutions. SIP/VoIP tech is saving substantial monthly costs and improving workflows in both radio and television stations. This presentation demonstrates some clever implementations in-use now, as well as previews techniques for achieving efficient and effective talkshow workflows for radio and remote production and reporting in television.


11:30am-12:30pm CDT- SBE Chapter 74 Meeting (all conference registrants are welcome to attend.)


1:00-2:00pm CDT – Shane Toven: IT and Broadcasting

How many devices in your facility have an Ethernet jack and an IP address? Have you lost count? Does the thought of configuring a firewall or a VPN make your head spin? While it is a different skill set than the traditional broadcast engineer may be accustomed to, there are still some similarities to the basic concepts we have been practicing for many years as broadcast engineers. In this session, we will discuss practical considerations for IT infrastructure in the broadcast facility, including the increasingly important topic of IT security.


Thursday, August 20th


9:00-10:00am CDT – John Bissett: Workbench Tips

The author of Radio World’s popular column, and Telos Alliance Western Regional Radio Sales Manager brings a combination of hints and tips from his column and practical engineering advice. In this session, you will learn useful tips to more efficiently do your job, increase productivity, and save your company money.


10:30-11:30am CDT – Rusty Smith: Lightning Protection 101

Participants will gain a general understanding of how lightning protection systems work. Essential elements of effective lightning protection systems will be discussed. Also, considerations that should be made during project planning to specify effective, attractive, and low-maintenance lightning protection systems for all types of structures including broadcast towers will be presented.


1:00pm-2:00pm CDT (time reserved for those who wish to attend Barry Mishkind’s Virtual Lunch Gathering engineering meeting)


2:30-3:30pm CDT– Larry Wilkins: All about the Alternative Broadcast Inspection Service (ABIP)

The program under the guidance of the FCC allows broadcast operations to be inspected by an FCC approved engineer and once a station has received a Certification of Compliance the Commission will not make random inspection at your facility for the three-year period covered by the Certificate.  In this presentation we will cover how the inspection in conducted, items inspected and offer guidance to station engineers in preparing for the inspection.

The September SBE74 Meeting is still in the works.



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Each year, the Ennes Educational Foundation Trust offers scholarships to deserving candidates who aspire to a career in the technical aspects of broadcasting.

Scholarship awards are used for tuition, room and board or textbook costs at post-secondary educational institutions, or for other technical training programs approved by the Scholarship Committee. Preference will be given to applicants who are members of the SBE; however, any individuals otherwise eligible, including graduating high school seniors, are encouraged to apply. Scholarships within the program include:

    John H. Battison SBE Founder’s Scholarship (open to anyone)

    Harold E. Ennes Scholarship (open to anyone)

    Youth Scholarship (specifically for graduating high school seniors)

    Robert D. Greenberg Scholarship (open to anyone)

Click here for more details: 

A minimum of three $1,500 scholarships will be awarded in 2020. 

Donations to the scholarship fund can be sent to the SBE National Office. Please note which scholarship you would like your donation to be applied.

Scholarship applications must be filed each year by July 1. Announcement of the recipients will be made by August 1, with grants available for the fall semester of the same year.


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