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Wednesday November 16 Noon for lunch

1800 N 33rd St, Lincoln NE

Please email so we have a count for food.  There will be a charge, menu TBD.

1:00 PM
Troubleshooting the Broadcast IP Network
Wayne M. Pecena CPBE, CBNE, 8-VSB, AMD, DRB 
Texas A&M University - KAMU TV & Radio
SBE National Education Committee Chair

IP networks have become an integral aspect of the broadcast technical plant. Integration with the legacy broadcast infrastructure can range from minimal control functions to a complete IP based content transport facility. Regardless on the integration level or complexity, the IP network is yet another critical system for the broadcast engineer to understand and maintain. When abnormalities do occur, how does the broadcast engineer isolate and resolve IP network issues in a timely manner? Too often, “shooting from the hip” troubleshooting approaches occur under the pressure of quickly resolving the problem. This presentation will present a structured approach to IP network troubleshooting modeled after the industry standard “OSI model”. Emphasis will be placed upon use of common tools and techniques that verify data flow layer functionality. Protocol analysis will be introduced utilizing WireShark for upper layer verification.


 2:30pm – Advanced IP Topics with Wayne Pecena

 3:30 – ATSC 3 with Chris Homer PBS VP of Engineering.



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Future Meetings

"Any time you see two engineers talking you can bet they are discussing a common problem or some topic that effects the industry."

The Engineering sessions were a great success at the annual Nebraska Broadcasters Association convention (NBA) in August.  Fred Baumgartner tells us that it was the largest regional Ennes Workshop ever!  A special thank you to Mary Schnelle at Broadcasters General Store for sponsoring the room AND buying us all lunch!  Thanks to Jim Timm for including Engineers in the NBA Convention.

An audio note for anyone who attended.  The sound reinforcement used was a single 15 watt Fostex speaker sitting on the table in the corner of the room pointing at the ceiling.  It was an audio corner reflector!  I have heard expensive systems do much worse. 

Next Meeting

We are SBE Chapter 74 of the Midlands proudly serving Omaha, Lincoln, Council Bluffs and surrounding areas in eastern Nebraska and western Iowa.  

All are welcome to attend any SBE Chapter 74 Meetings.

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Drone Journalism Lab

Thursday October 27

Professor Matt Waite
University of Nebraska Lincoln

Details of the meeting are still being worked out.

In August UNL hosted the first ever Drone Bootcamp for broadcasters.  The week long training was designed to prepare professionals and students to take the recently implemented certification exam which allows broadcasters to use video from “unmanned-aircraft”.  Professor Waite will give us an overview of what is needed to qualify for the FAA certification plus a demonstration of video drone technology useful for broadcast.