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Future Program on Drones

 We have been conversing with Matt Waite who has developed the “Drone Journalism Lab”
as mentioned in an article in TV Technology magazine.  He is a professor at the
School of Journalism at UNL.  Professor Waite is willing to give the SBE chapter a presentation and demonstration of how Drones can be used in Broadcast TV with new FAA regulations allowing it soon. 

He will give us an overview of what the license exam entails and describe

the Drone Bootcamp being offered to professionals and students alike
right here in Nebraska! 

SBE74 may have a meeting in October in Lincoln, stay tuned.

We are SBE Chapter 74 of the Midlands proudly serving Omaha, Lincoln, Council Bluffs and surrounding areas in eastern Nebraska and western Iowa.  

All are welcome to attend any SBE Chapter 74 Meetings.

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