We are SBE Chapter 74 of the Midlands proudly serving Omaha, Lincoln, Council Bluffs and surrounding areas in eastern Nebraska and western Iowa.  

All are welcome to attend any SBE Chapter 74 Meetings.

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Next SBE74 Meeting is Wednesday September 26, 2018
Lunch Meeting starts at 11:30 AM
Denny’s Restaurant 84th & I-80 in Omaha
Presentation: Uninterruptable Power Supplies 
(UPS) for Data Centers and Broadcast Facilities.

Mitch Peters - Sales Engineer
Eaton Corporation - Data Center Segment
Mitch will also bring a company expert 
to help us understand the equipment they provide.
Also an update on plans for NBA Engineering Conference 2019
Volunteer to join the Conference Planning Committee!


FEMA has rescheduled the upcoming national EAS test to 10/3/2018
Please note that this date is AFTER the expiration of some
intermediary digital certificates used for validating IPAWS OPEN messaging.
If your EAS unit validates digital signatures,then please make sure you get those new certs installed by or before October 3. 
Otherwise, the CAP NPT message may not be processed properly.
If you are using a DASDEC or One-Net, a field service bulletinand CA file are available from the Digital Alert Systems website at
The CA file is a simple file to upload if you are running DASDEC v2.6 or higher
(and btw, you really should be at v3.0 or higher). 
Again, a current IPAWS digital certificate will expire on 
Monday, September 24, 2018. To ensure a successful NPT test
on the rescheduled date of October 3rd, you must install the updated CA file. 
Otherwise CAP alert messages may not be authenticated after September 24th
(and not just the NPT – all CAP messages using that intermediary cert).

On the bright side, this gives a few more weeks for the public
to get a better explanation of WEA and the joint EAS/WEA test on 10/3.
Ed Czarnecki
Senior Director – Strategy and Government Affairs.
585-765-2254 ext 122
Reston VA | Lyndonville NY

SBE Re-elects Jim Leifer as President
The Society of Broadcast Engineers,
announces the results of the 2018 election for the national board of directors.
Jim Leifer, CPBE, was re-elected as the society's president.
Leifer is senior manager of broadcast operations at American Tower Corporation, Andover, MA.
Others serving one-year terms as officers, which begin on Oct. 3, are:

Vice President: Robert "RJ" Russell, CPBE;president, Technical Broadcast Solutions, Inc.; Middletown, DE

Secretary: Wayne Pecena, CPBE, 8-VSB, AMD, DRB, CBNE;director of engineering, Texas A&M University - KAMU-FM & TV; College Station, TX

Treasurer: Jim Bernier, CPBE, CBNE;senior director, Techwood Engineering; Turner; Atlanta

 Engineers: Is Your Digital Audio Choppy?
John Kean has a quality of service question for radio pros
Author: Brett Moss, Radio World
Publish date: Sep 12, 2018
WASHINGTON — Radio World’s good friend John Kean
recently asked if he could use our radio industry bullhorn
to ask readers about the quality of service
they see in the digital audio programming they receive.
Here’s how he put it to us:
“One aspect of audio that seems to be neglected is the effect of ‘cascaded’
compressed digital audio services; that is, when one generation of lossy compression
is followed by another before reaching the listener.”
Specifically, he added, “Different bitrate compression methods are used on each generation,
called ‘transcoding.’ Practically all satellite feeds, storage systems and remote links
rely on bitrate compression, and eventually are delivered to listeners
with a lossy compression in an internet stream or HD Radio.”
Therefore, he explains, “While any single link might sound fine on its own,
a combination of the same or different codecs can introduce noticeable artifacts.
Have you noticed these artifacts appear in yours or other audio you have heard?”
And the reason he asks? He’s been asked to spec an AES session
being considered for next month’s show on the topic.
So now here’s your chance to provide your two cents on
any stuttering, thin, broken audio you’ve received from service providers.
If you have information or want to know more, contact John. 
John KeanAES

 Tell SBE74 Newsletter Sponsors
that you saw their posting here!
Tri State Tower, Inc.
Keith Chapman, President
(319) 373-5040  Main Number
Broadcasters General Store
Mary Schnelle - Sales
2480 SE 52nd Street
Ocala, FL 34480
513-899-3036 Phone
513-476-4474 Mobile
513-824-8113 Fax
Murphy Tower Service
is a leading provider of wireless and broadcast
construction and maintenance services in the Midwest
with more than 20 years of experience.
Kevin Bell
Project Manager
Heartland Video Systems, Inc.
Pam Sortland & Bruce Kruse
375 Collins Rd NE, Suite 114
Cedar Rapids, IA 52402
Fax:  319-294-1341
Broadcast Supply Worldwide  
John Lynch
Director of Business Development
2237 South 19th Street
Tacoma, WA  98405
Main Line 253.565.2301
Direct 800.231.7058 | Fax 800.231.7055

SBE74 Newsletter sponsorships are available
to interested businesses, organizations or individuals
for the low annual fee of $100 or two years for $200. 
Let us know how you want the posting worded. 
The newsletter editor reserves the right to edit postings.
Contact the Chapter 74 Treasurer Jim Leedham to sign up or renew. 

 Checks should be made out to SBE Chapter 74 
SBE Certification Exam Schedule

Exam Dates Location Application Deadline 

October 20, 2018 Exam session in NYC during the AES convention
TIME: TBD September 21, 2018
Nov 2-12, 2018 Local Chapters Sept 24, 2018
Feb 1-11, 2019 Local Chapters Dec 31, 2018
April 9, 2019 Exams during the NAB Show
in Las Vegas March 1, 2019
June 7-17, 2019 Local Chapters April 19, 2019
August 2-12, 2019 Local Chapters June 3, 2019
Nov 1-11, 2019 Local Chapters Sept 24, 2019
 When you are ready to take an SBE exam, please fill out the appropriate application and send it into the SBE National office.
Certification Study software is available for sale at:
To find out more on SBE Certification go to:
The local Certification Chair is Jim Leedham
You may also contact Megan at the national SBE Certification Office:
Phone: 317-846-9000
Certification is an excellent way to learn new skills and move up in your chosen profession!
There are many certification levels in radio, TV and Computer Networking.  
You are encouraged to study and prepare for these valuable exams.
The study software is a good tool to help you know when you are ready for a particular level.
OFFICERS of SBE Chapter 74
 Chapter Chair &
Frequency Coordinator:
Kevin Faris, ATS
Cell: 402-681-4439
Work: 402-345-6400
Home: 402-296-6907
Chapter Vice Chair:
Darrel Sudduth, Retired
Chapter Secretary:
Walt Strogoff
Chapter Treasurer & Certification: 
Jim Leedham CPBE/CBNT

Jeff Heins, My Bridge Radio
Chapter Newsletter Editor:
Jim Skinner CPBE CBNT
402-554-4269 direct
Website www.sbe74.org :
Joe Meldrum, KETV ABC 7
Four officers are elected yearly in March.
Committee Chairs are appointed by the Chapter Chair.
If you wish to become a member of Chapter 74,
Just join the national Society of Broadcast Engineers,
go to www.SBE.org
and click "Join SBE" at the top of the web page.
Or call the National SBE office at: (317) 846-9000.
Or email kjones@sbe.org
Sign up for Midlands Chapter 74.
If someone recruited you, be sure to give them credit in your application.
Everyone is welcome to attend SBE74 Chapter meetings 
as a guest anytime you wish.
Come and meet fellow broadcast professionals and learn, while you have fun!
There are no local dues, just join national at www.SBE.org 
when you are ready.  The benefits are well worth it!
Visit the SBE74 website at: www.SBE74.org 
for info on the SBE in Eastern Nebraska and Western Iowa.
Including: Omaha, Council Bluffs, Lincoln, Sioux City
and other communities in the region.
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as well as sponsors and friends who wish to know what the Chapter is doing.
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Thanks for participating in the Society of Broadcast Engineers and Chapter 74!


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